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My 5 Main Topics are:

#1). Want to Make Money OnLine! Have you never made over $400 online?

We have a 68 page Manual to lay out Step by Step how you can make good money online.

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#2). Feeling Better with Hemp Oil Products! Pain Pain go away never come back to Bother me Again!

  1. Looking for MLM Leaders to Help me with the Pre-Launch
  2. Looking for People who Want to Feel Younger!

Hemp Oil Products are relieving millions of people each day from Pain in Joints, old back injuries, knee pain, and other health problems. Including pain from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Bursitis. We can not say we cure any diseases or conditions. Only doctors can do that. We also have a product for your Pets!

One thing: Military Personal and people who are subjective to drug testing can NOT take this product. These tests are so sensitive you might test positive. Please keep clear of it. I was in the military and had a list of items I could not eat.

Next month the company is coming out with a sleep spray, can't wait for that one.


Safe, Ego Friendly, Non-Toxic Products that are Safe around Children.

How safe around children?

That the government does NOT require a Child Safety Cap!

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#4). Saving Money at Home with $473 grocery couponds for just $1.00.


Save Money on Hotels, Vacation & Resorts! MLM business.


To celebrate we are going to have a Vacation Giveaway

  1. Entry Page!
  2. Rules and how you can Get a lot More ENTRIES!


The company's goal is to make 1,000,000 families debt Free!

Commissions is based on the products bought.

The company has several stores from Gas additives to cut down on emmissions (Green Fuel Tabs) SAVE up to 10% to 20% ON GAS while Lowering Emmisions and extending Your Engine's Life, and keeps the air cleaner.

Super Anti-Oxygentis using Rasberry

Anti-Aging Creams NuBellamora

World's greatest Papaya-based Exfoliant & Fractured Collagen Builder! Remove a layer of dead skin come off in 30 seconds and promote new beautiful skin growth weekly.

Drinkable Air? Water from Air!

Drinkable Air: Creates pure, fresh drinking water out of the air we breathe while simultaneously purifying the air. NO FLOURINE IN THE WATER! FLOURINE IS LINK TO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES!!!

Refer a solar commercial projest that we contract the work and you earn 10% on profits.

Circulation product ProArgi-9+ Heart Health Proven Help for High Blood Pressure and Circulation Issues. Listed in the Physician's Desk Reference Book.

Entertainment: From Streaming TV Media Player to Theme Parks Tickets.

Our company finds the most innavative products around the world and brings them to you!

Helping diabetics with a diet that I'm on to get the weight off and Blood Sugar down.

Help people who are not computer savy with some general tips to make their computer perform faster.

Also general health tips and help for people who have desperate medical situations. To me, GOD is the only true physician! But he can use Doctors, Clergy, other people and plants to help battle health issues.

I just bought this refurbished Dell 6430 laptop for $199-$10-$6-$50 (8 GB of Ram) and a 320GB hard drive. Saves 33% through Ebates.com and looking harder.

The link above will send you to my online saving web page. The page also covers specials in restaurants doing their survey and what you get. I only cover the best deals. If you have a great restaurant deal please share it by Emailing me below.

I'm thinking of 2 fun pages. My hobby and passion is playing duplicate / Tournment Bridge. The page will have mistakes I have made and seen people make playing Bridge and Bridge Tips. Stay Tuned for this page. Bridge Page

My Second enjoyment is listening to Gospel Music. Darlene Zschech and Hillsong Music. I will have a link page so you can hear this beautiful music. GOSPEL MUSIC LINK

Their are 1000's of Home Based Business onlime. I can name Amway, Herbalife, Solavei, Market America, TPN, Shaklee, Mary-Kay, Ambit Energy just to name a few. Except for the last 3 I have been in them.

The problem is finding new people to build up a following or old people who wants to get into the game just one more time. The other problem is Marketing and talking to strangers about your business. This is done by good Training. If your company doesn't have a Back Office that doesn't include Training you are at a loss. Your up line will have to help you. Network Marketing was the best way and still is for the average person to get ahead. Not only that the tax write-offs are Great!

I have found a site that will help people in network marketing people getting leads! It is called the Free Lead system.

Please watch this video of my Discount Grocery Coupon Business and Discount Hotel & Resort Vacations. Thank You, just click on the video.

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My Last minute add-in is Alternative Treatment of Cancer. I do not have cancer as of yet. But if I did, I would use this advice Twice before Kemo, Radiation or surgery. Alt. Tratment for Cancer!

Click on the link if you would like to take a look at My Diabetic Diet that I am on, this diet attacks belly fat. To me this is a very easy diet to follow.

Disclaimer: All my health tips and info is based on what I saw or advice from a friend or research I did online. I'm not a doctor, I have a BSE. What I put out is my personal ideas, hopefully accurate info. But please make your own decision by your research. Hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

Click on the link if you would like to some very good Health Tips.

My next page is Very Special, I found this Doctor, Dr. Issam Nemeh who is a faith healer. I really believe he is the real thing! I'm linking to a YouTube video of 2 cures he is acredited too and his schedule for healing services at different locations. Mostly in Clevland, OH and some in Detroit, MI.     It also has his office location in Ohio. If this info was helpful you can email me below.

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